Choosing a Lube Supplier

Choosing a lubricant supplier can be a difficult process with so many factors to consider and steps to be taken. There are plenty of lube suppliers that offer various goods and services. One of the main things you need to decide on is whether you are strictly purchasing lubrication products or if you want services included.

lubricantsIf you are only looking to purchase lubricants, you could be paying more for services you do not need like lube analysis and technical support. The idea is to find the supplier that can provide you with the package of products and services that you need.

The process of choosing a lube supplier can differ depending on the size of your business. A large company will need to conduct a meeting that includes representatives of stakeholders and lube experts that will provide technical advices.

A selection process will be created based on the lubrication needs and other objectives. The criteria for the selection process must be evaluated and rated according to importance or weight. It might undergo several cycles of corrections and improvements until an agreement is reached.

An small and individually-owned business will mostly rely on the management or ownership when it comes to choosing a lube supplier. An technical advisor might be needed but the process of setting criteria is much simpler compared to larger businesses.

Once all criteria are set, the next step is to conduct interviews of potential suppliers, evaluate proposals and performing research like talking to other customers of the supplier. All the information collected will be weighted according to the set criteria.

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