Eco-Friendly Lubricants

The noticeable changes that are happening in the environment are driving transformations in government regulations and consumer demands. Aside from complying to regulations needed to continue operations , adapting eco-friendly practices and products also acts as powerful marketing point for machine shops and similar businesses.

A huge amount of lubricant products are used and disposed every year. The most commonly-used lubricants use base oils derived from petroleum. This mineral-based oils are very slow to degrade and can remain in the environment for a very long time. This can lead to contamination and destruction of ecosystems. By adapting eco-friendly lubrication practices and products, machine shops can minimize their environmental effects.

eco-friendly lubricantsThere are different methods of measuring the biodegradability of lubricants. One method relies on the reduction of chemical bonds while other measures the evolution of carbon dioxide.

Eco-friendly lubricants are lubricants that degrade or break down in the presence of certain bacteria or microbes. This limits the amount of time the disposed lubricants remain in the environment. Most eco-friendly lubricants use vegetable-based oil.

There are lubricants that are not based on vegetable oil that are still being sold as eco-friendly products. These products may be free from harmful components like heavy metals and other toxic ingredients. But there is no guarantee that these lubricants are actually bio-degradable. The biodegradability is the ultimate determinant of the eco-friendliness of lubrication products.

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