Polyurea vs. Polyurethane Adhesives

Advancements in adhesives technology has resulted to exceptional products that opens adhesive applications to new possibilities. The development of new adhesive products can also cause quite a bit of confusion with new names coming about. Two kinds of products that are often confused with one another are the polyurea and polyurethane adhesives.

Polyurea and polyurethane adhesives have many similarities. These two adhesives cure to systems that differs from stiff to very flexible solids as their finished properties. There are numerous applications in which choosing one over the other carries no significant difference.

Although the name are a bit similar and they  have numerous overlapping applications, there are also some obvious differences between these two kinds of adhesives. Polyurea adhesives are relatively new in the industry. Obviously, its chemical makeup is different from that of polyurethane.

However, the real difference between the two is the speed at which the adhesives cure. The curing reaction of polyurea is much faster compared to polyurethane adhesives. The systems can set within a few seconds after mixing or the curing process is started. This fast curing has resulted to the adhesive being used successfully in the coatings industry, in which two-component systems are mixed with the use of plural spray equipment.

Its fast curing quality can also make it unsuitable for certain applications. The adhesive can set too quickly that there is does not have enough time to spread and percolate into the bonding surface. The fast curing reaction also produces high temperature which can damage certain kinds of substrates

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