Polyurethane Adhesives for Woodworking and Joinery

Wood is the most popular and still one of the best materials for creating various items. The practice of creating items from wood is known as woodworking. Woodworking is essential in home and building construction as well as furnishings. Although there are new engineering materials that have been developed, wood remains most used due to its affordability and the fact that it is a lot easier to work with. With metal components, a person has to have special tools used for cutting and shaping. With wood, the traditional tools that many are most familiar with works just fine.

Joinery is a woodworking process that involves the joining together of separate wood components to create various shapes or structures. The wooden joints  can be created to feature certain qualities such as strength, flexibility and aesthetics. These qualities can be achieved with the help of bonding agents. Bonding agents or adhesives makes it possible to fix two or more components together without using screws or nails. This allows one to create stylish furniture such as tables and chairs that are structurally strong.

There are many kinds of products used for bonding. The polyurethane adhesives are relatively new products that have revolutionized woodworking and joinery. These adhesives come in various formulations that give it special properties. It can be formulated to be more flexible while still retaining its powerful bonding strength.

These adhesives are also very resistant to moisture which helps protect the parts of the wood that cannot be covered by water-resistant coats. Polyurethanes also cures quite fast which allows faster completion of woodworking projects.

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