Why I Love Being A Mechanic

Twisting wrenches and laying under two-ton hunks of sheet metal, aluminum and steel isn’t every man’s dream but for me, it’s a dream job. I knew that I wasn’t ever going to be a fancy suit and tie wearing business type and I knew that I valued by independence. From there, it was all just history. As many of my customers know, my history as a diesel technician began as a child when my grandfather showed me how to rebuild my first diesel engine. I’ll let you all know a little bit more about my motivations today for remaining a mechanic, which is my first love in life, and perhaps you can learn enough to decide if a career working on cars and trucks is something for you.

Metal work lubrication
Metal work lubrication

While a good portion of the work I do is simply tearing down diesel engines, finding the problem, fixing it and putting everything back together, that’s not all a mechanic does. A lot of times, it’s pretty simple stuff like repairing cracked windshield and putting on tires. A brake job or an oil chance is something that becomes almost a reflex after doing it for the 100th time. The way I see it is: If I can be pretty good at something so that other people don’t have to bother with it, that’s a good thing for me and for the other person.

Part of the enjoyment of being an auto technician is that knowing that what you do makes someone’s life better. Some people do things that can have mixed results. When I take on a customer’s vehicle, it’s never mixed results because I keep my prices well on the fair side and I put the vehicle back on the road in a much better condition than it was in when it first arrived at my shop. It’s just common decency and it’s also an effect of my determination to do the best work I can do every single time.

I’m a mechanic because I like fixing problems. That doesn’t mean I like discovering problems. Just like being a doctor sometimes is about delivering bad news, being an auto technician can also be about bursting someone’s bubble. I tend to try and find the good news, the silver lining or the exception to the rule. There’s many ways to make your vehicle last and perform at it’s best. I commit myself to finding the ones that will work best for my customers. That’s a challenge that I love waking up for on a daily basis.

One other hobby that I participate in is general mechanical repair and I am involved in a lot of projects that seek to improve water quality in 3rd world countries.

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