Our Values

Hard Work

The reason I started my diesel shop was because I believed in good hard work and reliable, trustworthy service. I know my customers by name, and they’re hard working people, so I make sure to earn every dollar we charge and to hire people with the same values I have. I don’t believe in overcharging, or in providing service that isn’t worth your hard-earned dollar.


For me as a mechanic, it’s all about trust, quality, and at the end of the day, we all benefit. I’ve been working with my hands ever since I was a young boy, when my grandfather had me help him rebuild the diesel engine on his tractor by hand.


Another core value that drives my business is the consistency and dependability of my family.┬áMy grandfather was just the first Bagley I knew that loved to tinker with machines but I knew that even if my grandfather was into building houses or farming the land, I’d want to work on the same things as him.


The Bagley family bond is tight and we like our customers to come into the shop and immediately feel like family. This gets accomplished through casual but professional relationships with customers. It’s a warmth that comes from smiles and hard work all. Come and join the family!